Keeping dental unit waterlines free of bacteria and biofilms is the easiest way to minimize the risks posed by opportunistic, waterborne pathogens during routine dental procedures.

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Products that SHOCK your water

Citrisil™ Shock Tablets

Non-oxidizing formula cleans dental unit waterlines and kills odor causing bacteria.

Cleans the inner surface of dental bottles

Does not adversely affect composite bond strength

Safe for dental equipment including amalgam separators

Cleans dental unit waterlines to ≤ 10 CFU/mL

Products that TEST your water


In-Office Waterline Test Strip

FASTCheck15™ is an in-office dental waterline test strip that offers simple, confident water testing in minutes. Its easy-to-read indicator provides fast, clear results.

Quick, conclusive results

Easy-to-read test strip

Most affordable testing option

Sterisil R2A Waterline Test

Sterisil R2A Waterline Test utilizes an EPA validated R2A plating method to grow and count HPC bacterial colonies in samples collected from dental unit waterlines. Tests are conducted at an EPA certified lab, with results provided in 5-7 days within the My Solutions Center online portal. 

Results in 5–7 business days

Certified third-party lab results

Post-result consultation

Products that MAINTAIN your water

Sterisil® Straw

Engineered to efficiently and effectively maintain dental waterlines for 365 days, the Sterisil Straw delivers industry-leading waterline treatment without the problems associated with oxidizers like iodine and chlorine.

EPA-registered to maintain effluent handpiece water to ≤ 10 CFU/mL

Initial installation takes less than a minute

Integrated shock treatment releases automatically.

Sterisil® Cartridges

Sterisil Cartridges are the most powerful direct feed waterline treatment cartridges on the market delivering silver-ion technology to purify and treat dental water direct to dental units.

EPA validated treatment claim: ≤ 10 CFU/ml with shock treatment included

Prevents hard water deposits and does not adversely affect composite bond strength

Valved and inline configurations available

Sterisil® Antimicrobial Bottle

The Sterisil antimicrobial bottle resists the growth of bacteria on their surfaces and is ideal for preventing growth of bacteria.

Eliminates the need for flushing and the use of corrosive chemicals

Reduces line clogging, water flow restrictions, and sticky handpieces

Citrisil™ Maintenance Tablets

Citrisil maintenance tablets are a simple solution to maintaining dental unit waterlines. It’s the only all-in-one tablet solution that includes a shock treatment to ensure complete compliance is achieved.

Cleans and maintains dental unit waterlines to ≤10 CFU/ml

Includes shock tablets to kill pre-existing odor-causing bacteria

Eliminates the need to empty bottles and purge lines at the end of each day

Does not adversely affect composite bond strength

"We could not be happier with the ease of managing our dental unit waterlines with Solmetex products. They make infection control simple for our staff. We prefer silver to treat our water over iodine because there are no complicated maintenance instructions and we don't have to remove our straws to shock or test. This is such a time savings! And we can trust that our water is clean without any foul odor or taste, which is something our patients expect and appreciate."

Kevin Seidler, DDS

The Colony, TX

Solmetex understands that a dental practice is more than the sum of its parts.

At the heart of this system lies water, the vital element that connects nearly every aspect of your practice.

We recognize that maintaining a healthy practice requires ensuring the health of your water.

Keep dental unit waterlines clean of bacteria and biofilms.

Learn more about our complete line of Dental Unit Waterline Management solutions:


Isolation and aerosol control prevents the spread of airborne diseases and protects dental patients and staff.


Our DUWL (Dental Unit Waterline) management products are grouped into three categories: SHOCK, TEST, and MAINTAIN.

Shocking refers to the process of saturating waterlines with a chemical agent to kill or remove biofilm, bacteria, and other microorganisms that can accumulate inside the waterlines over time.

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