Solmetex Family of Dental Water Solutions

With Solmetex products, your dental office has a partner you can trust for all your water needs — from conditioning municipal tap water for the clinical environment to controlling potentially hazardous aerosols generated during procedures to safely capturing and recycling your amalgam waste. Learn more about our three brands and their products below.

Sterisil Straw
DryShield Mouthpiece

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"With the 3 brands coming together under the Solmetex umbrella, the company is uniquely positioned to be able to offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions to dental practices. The products are all easy to use, and bring simplicity to an otherwise complex and essential issue - the management of water in the dental office. The convenience that the brand brings to users is something that dental offices have been asking for, and Solmetex delivers on that promise of worry-free water."

Amy Gagne, RDHEF
Marblehead, MA

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We make it simple – manage all your dental water needs in one place.