Isolation and aerosol control are essential in dentistry to increase productivity, prevent the spread of infectious airborne diseases, and protect the health and safety of patients and dental staff. These measures can help minimize the production and dispersion of aerosols during dental procedures, reducing the risk of transmission of airborne pathogens.

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DryShield performs all the tasks of a high-suction evacuator, isolator, bite block, tongue guard, and oral pathway protector in one easy-to-use device. The patented DryShield system was designed with the dentist in mind, offering total control of your patient’s mouth by keeping the working area dry, clean, and visible.

DryShield Mouthpiece

Removes water, saliva, and debris from patient’s mouth to maintain a dry field in your work area

Simple installation: Attach directly to the HVE—no special equipment required

Hands-free, continuous suction reduces aerosols, allows patients to be comfortable and frees up assistants to multi-task


PowerSonic is a patented, plant- and mineral-based, 100% enzyme-free catalytic cleaner that super-charges the action of your ultrasonic bath and instrument washer using nano-oxygen bubbles.


Effectively removes debris

Reduces ultrasonic bath sludge and odor

Ideal for use with DryShield Autoclavable Mouthpieces

"When you use a system like DryShield, you get efficiency plus results. We try to be as efficient and quick as possible, but it's important to stay smart and avoid skipping steps. We must be efficient in a way that's going to yield great results - and this system allows for that to happen."

Carla Cohn, DMD
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Solmetex understands that a dental practice is more than the sum of its parts.

At the heart of this system lies water, the vital element that connects nearly every aspect of your practice.

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Evacuation is crucial in dentistry to remove saliva, blood, and debris from the oral cavity during dental procedures.


Our Isolation and Aerosol Control product solutions include the DryShield isolation device, and PowerSonic, an ultrasonic cleaning solution that keeps the water in ultrasonic baths, instrument washers, and holding trays clean and free of debris and contaminants that cause sludge and odors.
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