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About Solmetex™

Who We Are

In 1999, Solmetex designed the Hg5 Amalgam Separator which quickly became the gold standard in amalgam separation. Today, Solmetex is proud to be the industry leader and manufacturer of the NXT Hg5® series of Amalgam Separators and proud to celebrate 25+ years in the industry. Our comprehensive product line provides all the necessary components to meet or exceed the current requirements of the EPA “Dental Rule”. 

What We Do

Solmetex expertise in material science and life science separations led to the development of high performance, separation chemistries for the dental industry. These chemistries are the heart of our solution and provide the healthcare and life sciences with simple and effective solutions that prevent toxic emission into the environment. This integration of proprietary chemistries into safe and compliant products aligns with the regulatory agencies “pollution prevention” agenda and constitutes the most cost-effective approach to cleaning up waste streams.

Our Mission

Solmetex is committed to continuously re-investing in research, design and implementation of new chemistries, as well as in the development of methods to optimize their current technology for use in other industries. Our products have been proven around the world to help dental practices achieve compliance in mercury removal.