Sterisil® Dental Water Microbiological – Inline Cartridge


• Delivers purified and treated dental water direct to dental units
• EPA validated treatment claim: ≤ 10 CFU/ml
• Shock treatment included
• Prevents hard water deposits
• Valved and inline configurations available
• Safe for patients, staff, and equipment
• Does not adversely affect composite bond strength
• Amalgam separator safe
• CI-3i - Inline Cartridge 3i (length 6-1/16” X diameter 2”), includes CI-QK
• CI-7i Inline Cartridge 7i (length 8-1/16 X diameter 2.5”), includes CI-QK
• CI-9i - Inline Cartridge 9i (length 10-1/8” X diameter 2.5”), includes CI-QK
Special Offer: Buy 3 Valved or Inline Cartridges, get 1 FREE!

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The Sterisil® Cartridge delivers purified and treated dental water to chairs without a bottle.
Utilizing the same ion exchange technology found in the Sterisil® Straw, Cartridges include shock and maintenance treatments and last up to 1 year*.


*Cartridge lifespans vary with cartridge size and water quality.
Water quality is assessed in parts per million (PPM) total dissolved solids (TDS).
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