Take Control of Your Source Water Quality

Municipal water quality is highly variable depending on your location. This chemical variability can undermine the effectiveness of microbial treatment products like straws and tablets and potentially reduce the life of your instruments.

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Sterisil® AC+

The Sterisil AC+ produces purified water for use in dental bottles, tabletop autoclaves, and final rinse water for instrument washer.

Sterisil AC+

Can produce up to 50 gallons of distilled quality water per day

Produces distilled water quality with <10ppm TDS

Can be used in areas with very hard water: 150ppm TDS or more

Output water is suitable for use in dental bottles, instrument washers, and autoclaves

Audible and visual alarms notify you when it’s time for maintenance

Ultraviolet (UV) Treatment

Designed to work synergistically with Sterisil waterline maintenance products

"One of the things we discovered was how poor our source water quality was compared to the national average. Our water specialist recommended a Sterisil AC+ to purify the incoming tap water. Right away we noticed an improvement in our sterilization processes and a longer cycle for necessary dental bottle cleanings."

Sandy Wang, DDS

Flower Mound, TX

Solmetex understands that a dental practice is more than the sum of its parts.

At the heart of this system lies water, the vital element that connects nearly every aspect of your practice.

We recognize that maintaining a healthy practice requires ensuring the health of your water.

Learn more about our complete line of water purification systems:


Keep dental unit waterlines clean of bacteria and biofilms.


See Source Water Quality in action.
Our solution to maintaining optimal source water quality in your practice includes the Sterisil® line of point-of-entry water purification systems.
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$300 Rebate on AC+ system
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$400 Rebate on G4 or G5 system