PowerSonic™ Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution

Keep your ultrasonic bath and instrument washer clean with PowerSonic Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution. A patented plant-and-mineral-based catalytic cleaner, it uses nano-oxygen bubbles to super-charge the action of your ultrasonic bath and instrument washer.

It works rapidly even without ultrasonic action. Its power comes from a naturally occurring technology platform that provides enhanced gas transfers, instantaneous odor elimination, and the breakdown of organic waste to essentially consume any remaining contaminants — all without enzymes.

Depending on your dental office’s needs, you can purchase PowerSonic Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution one bottle at a time, in a case of four bottles, or in pouch form.

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Explore the support documents of PowerSonic Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution.

Explore the support documents of PowerSonic Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution.

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