NXT Hg5 Amalgam Separator Testimonial

Dr. Scott R Helle DMD, 4 Whittier Rd, Natick, MA 01760

“My mind is at ease knowing that my amalgam waste is being recycled properly”

Dr. Scott Helle, long time user of our products, shares his experience with Solmetex products with us.

Dr. Joel Doyon, DDS, Bar Mills, ME

"The canisters are very easy to replace, and you can do it while you see patients."

Dr. Stephen Gordon, DDS, Chicago, IL

"This is a well-designed device that fulfills a definite need for safe mercury collection and disposal/recycling."

“I always inform my patients of the benefits of having their old mercury containing fillings disposed of properly to save the environment that we all live in.”

“Safe mercury disposal/recycling is an important system that all dentists who remove amalgam fillings must incorporate in their dental office design.”

Dr. Mitchel Pasenkoff, DMD, Norfolk, MA

"It's a very convenient system to add to your existing suction and waste water system, with easy maintenance."

PowerScrub Vacuum Line Cleaner Testimonial

Dr. Howard Brooks, Winthrop, MA

“The staff here at Brooks Dental enjoys the ease of use of the PowerScrub VLC when flushing the lines. Due to that, this product has been a time saver and improves staff compliance. They also state that it smells nice and feels it cleans better.”

Dr. Daniel Florian, DMD, North Royalton, OH

“Since I’ve implemented PowerScrub in my office, I noticed better suction power and improved patient suction. After the first use, it declogged sediment in our lines that our current product could not.”

Dr. Shalom Mehler, DMD, Teaneck, NJ

“PowerScrub is so easy and simple to use. It takes just minutes to accomplish an important aspect of dental maintenance. We no longer have the unpleasant odor emitting from the lines, which creates a more pleasant working atmosphere.”

Dr. Mitchel Pasenkoff, DMD, Norfolk, MA

“It is one of the best products our office uses. Our machine performs like brand new. Ease of use and a minimal time commitment makes using the product a no-brainer.”

Dr. Wendy Nato, CDA

“I have clog-free vacuum lines, and the product cleans the line well, even without using hot water like other products require. It has a pleasant smell; it doesn’t have a chemical odor. You really see and hear a difference in the vacuum lines after they’re cleaned.”
SideKick Testimonial: “It’s user-friendly, easy to operate, and doesn’t tip over and slip when you attach your lines.”

Dr. Debra Haselton, DDS, Richmond, VA

“Since using PowerScrub, we have noticeably cleaner room traps and a cleaner vacuum filter. When you have clean lines, you’re less likely to have issues with your vacuum system, which could result in downtime.”

Company Testimonial

Exemplary Corporate Conduct

Dr. Bruce Oren, New Haven, CT

This is the way corporations should behave. After buying a used dental air compressor from a contractor who was clearing out an abandoned dental practice in Manhattan, I was dismayed to find a container with mercury amalgam in the box with the compressor. Rather than send this hazardous waste to a landfill, I contacted the company that made the mercury amalgam separator — Solmetex of Northborough, MA. Solmetex sent me a prepaid shipping container with detailed packing instructions so that I could safely send the mercury amalgam container to them, and at their own considerable expense have the hazardous waste safely disposed.

This is the kind of civic responsibility exhibited by all too few corporations. Solmetex should be rightly proud for having stepped up when they didn’t have to. They deserve special recognition.”