Sterisil AC+ Autoclave Water Plus System


• Eliminates the need for purchasing and storing distilled water
• Produces up to 50 gallons of distilled quality water with <10ppm TDS per day
• Output water is suitable for any instrument washer or autoclave
• Class B UV treatment
• Reduces the elevated microbial load that inevitably occurs
over time when storing water in tanks
• Helps ensure processed water is safe for dental unit waterlines
• Can be mounted under a sink or on the wall in a sterilization
• User serviceable without a dental technician
• Audible and visual maintenance notifications
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Sterisil® Ac+ System produces autoclave water for areas with water containing <500 PPM TDS. Sink top dispensing faucet or filler wand for easy filling of table top autoclaves. The AC+ connects directly to your municipal water supply and produces up to 50 gallons per day of distilled quality water for your instrument washers, autoclaves, and dental bottles.
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1 review for Sterisil AC+ Autoclave Water Plus System

  1. Premier Family Dental

    It is great! I love the ease of installation and the confidence in having clean water lines.

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