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PowerSonic™ Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution by Solmetex™

Advanced Cleaning Action

PowerSonic™ Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution is a patented, plant and mineral based, 100% enzyme free, catalytic cleaner that super charges the action of your ultrasonic bath and instrument washer using nano-oxygen bubbles. The power comes from a naturally occurring technology platform that provides enhanced gas transfers, instantaneous odor elimination, and the breakdown of organic waste to essentially “eat up” any remaining contaminants.

Why Choose PowerSonic?

• Effectively removes debris
• Rapidly removes protein — even without ultrasonic action
• Reduces ultrasonic bath sludge and odor
• Inhibits rust formation
• Supports bacterial digestion when aspirated into suction system

PowerSonic Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution 32oz Bottle


PowerSonic Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution Pouch Case


PowerSonic Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution Case Kit


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PowerSonic Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution Docs: