Lead Needs Recycling, Too



December 17, 2018  

Lead storage buckets for your practice aren’t your typical buckets. For instance, you can’t just swap one out with one of those heavy duty orange buckets from a popular home improvement store.

You may already have an amalgam recycling program underway, especially since it will soon be required by the Environmental Protection Agency to do so, but lead recycling should also be a standard part of your practice’s recycling efforts. Improperly discarded amalgam and lead both can contaminate soil and groundwater.

You can use the services of a company like Solmetex to handle both of these processes. But how are they different?

With amalgam recycling, amalgam is separated from your wastewater via amalgam separator. This is how you can safely dispose of contact and non-contact amalgam, removed teeth with amalgam fillings, expended amalgam capsules, chairside traps and vacuum pump filters.

A lead bucket, however, is ideal for safely storing waste lead and lead foil until it can be recycled. Using a lead bucket from Solmetex, you can safely discard bitewing x-rays, sterilization tape and up to two lead apron buckets. Lead buckets come in two sizes, 1.25 and 2.5 gallons.

For amalgam, you’ll likely need to use a program like Solmetex’s, since local municipalities generally don’t accept amalgam waste. However, Solmetex makes it easy. The company will provide you with an approved amalgam storage and shipping container as well as a prepaid return shipping and certificate of recycling.

Meanwhile, your municipality may have a lead recycling program, but with lead, Solmetex also makes the process stress free – no trips to a dedicated center or scrambling to gather your operatories’ discarded lead for a specific collection day. Solmetex’s lead containers also come with labeling and shipping documents to transport waste for recycling.

Solmetex can help you start or improve your recycling efforts so you can free up time and effort as well as help protect the environment.

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