CT Mission of Mercy - Mobile Dental Care May 9, 2017 Recently Solmetex had the opportunity to visit the Mission of Mercy’s mobile dental clinic in action in New Haven, CT.  Bill Blasing the EVP of MOM greeted us and led us on a tour of the event. Soon we were among hundreds of generous hearted volunteer dentists, dental hygienists, clinicians, and a variety of volunteers bustling around in a large, crowded, but organized gym.  These volunteers came together to donate their personal time and expertise on a weekday to literally hundreds of patients; adults and children. We walked into something quite special, as the sight was nothing short of awe inspiring and heartwarming. Mission of Mercy treats patients that either have no insurance or are under-insured.  Patients receive the dental care they need, with no questions asked. Some patients had not visited a dentist in years, while others were receiving their first dental appointment ever. The care many receive is life changing, as many had lost the desire to smile or laugh without feeling self-conscious or embarrassed by their appearance.  Some experience the joy to smile freely for the first time in years.  Conversely, the volunteers believe they get just as much from the experience as the patients, and look forward to volunteering year after year. A typical Mission of Mercy clinic, over a two-day span, provides care to 2,000 patients.  All patients receive whatever care they need, being escorted from station to station (hygiene, x-ray, restoration, root canal etc.) and if there is any need for follow up care, the patient is encouraged to visit the dentist’s office for follow up visits, free of charge.  This year Solmetex donated over 90 Hg5 collection containers for use at every MOM clinic for the year 2017, a donation valued over $30,000. Money well spent. Solmetex is pleased to support such a great cause, Mission of Mercy, hosted by The America’s Care Foundation. It is our hope to continue to support the foundation in the years to come.