La pajita Sterisil® 90 ó 365 días - Destilada y municipal

Información sobre el producto

La pajita Sterisil® ofrece un tratamiento potente mediante la tecnología de iones de plata con sencillez y consistencia.
  • 20x better efficacy than iodine straws
  • Continual waterline treatment guaranteed for 365 days
  • Built-in initial shock treatment
  • Clinically proven to kill odor causing bacteria in dental unit waterlines
  • Easy to install in any dental bottle
  • No oxidizers that may damage handpieces or affect amalgam separators
  • Municipal and Distilled formulations ensure optimal performance with a wide spectrum of water quality


- Registrado por la EPA para proporcionar ≤ 10 UFC/ml, 50 veces menos que las directrices actuales de los CDC.
- Potente tecnología de iones de plata
Disponible para todos los niveles de calidad del agua:
- Paja destilada - TDS = 0-100 ppm
- Paja municipal - TDS = 101-250 ppm
• Distilled Straw + Distilled Water - TDS = >250 ppm
Special Offer: Buy 2 Straws, Get 1 FREE!*

$100.99 - $3,122.99
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*Offer only valid when ordering on Simply add two 365-day straws in your cart, enter the promo code SPRING24 and check-out, and a third will be mailed to you automatically from Sterisil. Learn more.
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5 reviews for The Sterisil® 90 or 365 Day Straw – Distilled & Municipal

  1. Dr. M. Browder, DDS -

    I really like the ease of using the straw instead of the tablets! We have never had any issues with this system. Changing the straw is very easy. It also gives us great pleasure that we have a peace of mind and confidence of our water being trustworthy for our patients!

  2. Pine Top Orthodontics -

    I love the chairside straw option. After installing, we no longer have to worry about tablets every time we fill our bottles up. You’ve made this super easy for our busy office and will continue to stick with the straws!

  3. Wolf Ranch Dental Group -

    Mantiene el agua limpia y fresca para los pacientes. No hemos suspendido ningún análisis del agua, ¡y eso me hace sentir muy bien con este producto!

  4. Pacific Dental Services -

    Love that it’s so easy to maintain! Only have to worry about changing straws once a year makes hectic days as an assistant a little smoother without having to worry about the water.

  5. Clermont Family Dentistry -

    We use the Sterisil straws for our Waterlines and we couldn’t be happier with them! We changed to the straws about 3-4 years ago and it truly is the best thing we have done for our office. The clinical staff is thankful because it makes their job a lot easier where they don’t have to shock the waterlines anymore!

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