FASTCheck15™ In-Office Waterline Test Strip


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  • Essential part of the Sterisil® SafeWater Solution
  • Complements an established mail-in lab testing protocol. 
  • Fast, 15-minute in-office water bacteria test. 
  • Detects microbials exceeding 500CFU/mL. 
  • No incubation or neutralizer needed. 
  • Sterisil’s Water Safety Team provides comprehensive support. 
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The fastest, most affordable way to monitor water quality for harmful bacteria.


  • Know your water is safe in 15 minutes (vs 3 days for paddle test results)
  • FASTCheck15™ removes the risk of bacteria growing to harmful levels in between water sampling and results
  • Detects microbials exceeding 500CFU/mL

Simple to Use. Simple to Read.

  • No counting red dots or color matching
  • Easy-to-read test strip that provides clear results: 1 line = Pass, 2 lines = Fail

Lower Cost with High Accuracy

  • A fraction of the cost of other waterline tests

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