Autoklavierbares Mundstück


- Autoklavierbar bis zu 50x pro Stück
- 4 Mundstücke pro Schachtel
- Passt auf wettbewerbsfähige Systeme
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Artikel Nr. DS-MPX-001, DS-MPP-002, DS-MPS-003, DS-MPM-004 oder DS-MPL-005
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DryShield-Mundstücke bestehen aus einem weichen, flexiblen Silikonmaterial, das sich bequem in den Mund des Patienten einfügt.
- Autoklavierbar
- Auswechselbare Aufbissstücke
- Zungen- und Mundwegschutz
- Schutz der Atemwege
- Wangenspreizer
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X-Pediatric, Pädiatrie, Klein, Mittel, Groß

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3 reviews for Autoclavable Mouthpiece

  1. Premier Family Dental -

    It really helps when the patient has a lot of saliva to keep the area isolated.

  2. WCTC Dental Clinic -

    Easy to use on patients.

  3. Midwest Dental Plymouth -

    Absolutely love the dry shield. I had come into this office with them using it. Thinking, what in the world are they using it on every patient for. Not taking long to realize, patients don’t have to try and stay open and its doing the majority of the suctioning for me. It gives us assistants the freedom to go grab something we need, or go try and keep up with sterilization. When working alone on a Friday with the doctor, he was able to prep two teeth for crowns. I stepped out to seat the next patient and triage them while he kept prepping. When I go to sister offices and help out and realize they don’t have them. I feel lost without it!!!

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