How to Print a UPS Shipping Label for Recycling

Read all instructions before packing!  

  1.  Prior to packing up the your product, locate the “Shipping Code” on the lid of the NXT Hg5 collection container, the Legacy Hg5 Snap Cap or the lid of your amalgam or lead bucket (see pics below).
  2.  Click here to go to Solmetex’s “Shipping Labels” webpage.
  3.  Enter your zip code and account #, found on your Picking Slip, click ‘submit’.
  4.  Print the label, place label into the packing slip envelope, remove backing and affix to the shipping box.
  5.  Box is now ready for UPS pickup.   To schedule a pickup, call UPS 800-742-5877.

Where’s my Shipping Code??

Note:  Only 1 UPS label per Solmetex recycle box