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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions

For over 25 years, Solmetex has been an innovator in waste solutions, specifically amalgam separators, with a primary focus on ensuring dental practices remain compliant with the ever-changing regulatory environment. We hope these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will address many of your concerns.

How do I get my shipping label?
A: To obtain a shipping label, you will need to Login to the account portal. This can be found on our website under the “Compliance Center” Tab. Enter your account number and zip code. If you need help obtaining your account number, please call 1-800-216-5505. The “Print Shipping Label” button is found on the top right. 

Where do I find my shipping code?
Your shipping code can be found on the NXT recycle cap, on the Hg5 snap cap, or on the lid of the PWS amalgam bucket or PWS lead bucket. 

I already sealed my box; how can I get my shipping code?
A: Unfortunately, you would need to open the box to retrieve the shipping code. You can use any packing tape to reseal the box. Please do not open the actual recycle container, only the box.

How do I get my certificate of recycling?
A: To obtain your certificate of recycling, you will need to login to the compliance portal. This can be found on our website under the “Compliance Center” Tab. Enter your account number and zip code. If you need help obtaining your account number, please call 1-800-216-5505. Click on the “Compliance Certificate” tab, all certificates are located here. Certificates are available one month after recycling.

How often does my collection container need to be changed?
A: The collection container needs to be change either every 12 months or once sediment reaches the fill line, whichever occurs first.

My container is not full, why do I need to change it?
A: After 12 months, Solmetex cannot guarantee a 99% separation rate of Amalgam Waste, which is the EPA Standard, due to the natural deterioration of the restrictor within the collection container. 

Should I purchase a mini or a full-sized unit?
A: This decision is based on the number of operatories in your dental office. The NXT Hg5 mini accommodates up to four operatories and best suits smaller practices (dimensions 25″h x 11″w x 8″d.) The NXT Hg5 unit will service up to 10 operatories and will fit in most standard mechanical rooms (dimensions 30”h x 11”w x 8”d). Both sizes are priced the same, for more details about our NXT Hg5 Series click here: https://www.solmetex.com/hg5-series-products/

We do not have our recycling package?
A:  Each replacement collection container comes with a recycling kit, the recycling service is included in the price. It is important to keep the packaging the collection container came in for when it comes time to recycle. If your practice did not save the packaging, you can purchase a recycling kit on our online shop. Please call the sales team to order a replacement, 877-207-1551.

***Alternative packaging cannot be used to safely ship your Hg5 or NXT Hg5 collection container.

Where can I get a rebate form?
A: You can fill out your rebate online here: https://www.solmetex.com/rebate/. If you prefer to mail or fax in your rebate form, please fill out the printable rebate form found here: https://www.solmetex.com/promotions/

***Must submit the dealer invoice receipt with the rebate form

Does my dealer sell the Solmetex NXT Hg5 Amalgam Separator?
A: The Solmetex NXT Hg5 Amalgam Separator is sold by most dealers throughout the country. Collection containers and associated products (PowerScrub Vacuum Line Cleaner, PWS Amalgam Buckets, etc.) can also be purchased at www.solmetex.com or by calling Solmetex at 877-207-1551.

Find your local dealer here: https://solmetex.com/dealer-locator/